NIMIC by Yorgos Lanthimos

Nimic new short film project from Yorgos Lanthimos

NIMIC is a new short film project from Yorgos Lanthimos produced by Rekorder, Superprime Films and Merman London in association with creative agency Droga5 starring Matt Dillon and Daphne Patakia.

Spacewalker by Albert Moya

The film tells a futuristic story about an extraordinary routine in the lives of two travellers. When they return to earth after their life in space, they are eventually confronted with the existential conflict of no longer recognizing themselves.
Directed by Albert Moya
Creative Direction Yannis Henrion
Produced by Rekorder GmbH
CEO Werner Klemm
Executive Producer Alexis Delanoue
Producer Adria Paituvi
Producer Assistant Moritz Hüttner
Executive Producer Ziggy Le Vin
Producer Clara Smith
DOP Ryan Marie Helfant
Styling Theophile Hermand
Edited by Carlos Font Clos
Grading Marc Morató @Metropolitana
Music & sound design Moritz Staub

Beethoven 5th Symphony

Beethoven 5th Symphony x Kassandra Wedel

Als Teil der PLAY ON! PLAY, AGAINST ALL ODDS zeigt Hip-Hop-Dance Champion Kassandra Wedel zur ikonischen Aufnahme von Beethovens fünfter Symphonie (1. Satz) von Herbert von Karajan und den Berliner Philharmonikern eine eindrucksvolle Tanzperformance.
Das Video wurde von Rekorder für die Deutsche Grammophon anlässlich des 250. Geburtstages Beethovens produziert und zeigt dessen Genialität und Relevanz für die heutige Gesellschaft.


Directed by Astrid Sterner

Astrid Sterner is a Director and Photographer born in Spain. She shot this 5 short dancing clip for the shoe brand tods in Berlin during summer 2017, Produced by Alexis Delanoue.
Stephan Falluchi behind de camera.
Dancer : Valentin , Sophie, Claire, Daria & Joel.
Thanks to the all crew & team!


Shot by Mei Yuan Gui

Styled by Jeff Lee
Make up Artist Theo Schnürer @ Blossom
Hair Stylist Ischrak Nitschke @ Blossom

Model : Robbi G. @TIAD & Wang

Photo assistant Maria Dominika & Evan Jiang
Styling Assistant Eric Guo
Fashion coordinator Kimono Guan

Produced by Alexis Delanoue / Production manager Louis Vignat

AD production

Jung short film

short film directed by Nehemias Colindres

Trailer for the short film, "Jung"
Official selection of Huesca International Film Festival
Producer: Alexis Delanoue
Cinematography: Stephan Fallucchi
Editor: Daniel Kundrat
Grading: Benedikt Hugendubel
Score: Constantin Sayn-Wittgenstein

Wada’ ودع

Directed by Khaled Mzher

This movie has been able to infuse a sense of expectation and doubt, denoting the emotivity of the characters through the wise use of non verbal language and the refined narrative style describing in a delicate and discreet manner the violent and devastating effects of the war.

2015 | Winner (Cannes short film corner award) | 63rd San Sebastian Film Festival | The 14th International Film Students Meeting.
2015 | Winner (best cinematography) | Filmschool international Festival Munich 2015
2015 | Official Selection | 61st International Short Film Festival Oberhausen | German competition & International Competition.
2015 | Berlin Art Film Festival
2015 | Etiuda&Anima Krakow, Poland | Etiuda Competition
2016 | Crossing Europe Film Festival Linz, Austria | Cinema Next Europe
2016 | Caméflex-AFC competition | Paris, France
2016 | Achtung Berlin | Wettbewerb Mittellanger Film
2016 | Cannes Film Festival | short film corner


By Louis Vignat & Atilla Fidan

Directed by Louis Vignat and Atilla Fidan
Produced by Alexis Delanoue
Cinematographer : Amine Berrada assisted by Virgil Hombach
Starring: Moon Kyu Lee & The Discobole
Edited by Daniel Kundrat @ Three single Man
Color Grading: Juan Galva @ Celluloid
Thanks to Li Wolfgang Fisher (Celluloid), Nikki, Henri Moreaux (Megatoon @ studio de la Victorine), Jean Michel, La stafferie, Dino Wunderlich, Easyjet, Aeroport de Nice (special thanks to the luggage Dpt), la villa Baradiere.


Directed by Atilla Fidan & Louis Vignat

New video clip for Tolga Fidan - Fairwell 22
Directed by Atilla Fidan & Louis Vignat
Produced by Alexis Delanoue
Actor Alexander Temme,
Dogs trainer Shirin Knoblauch
Editor Clementine Decremps
Special Effects Nicolas Giraldon

Amadou & Mariam – Bofou Safou

Music video directed by Louis Vignat

Amadou & Mariam new song Bofou Safou, has been directed by Louis Vignat and produced by Alexis Delanoue in berlin during the wonderful party at the loftus hall, African acid is the future.

"Après une chouette mixtape afro-disco-funk le mois dernier, Amadou & Mariam nous invitent à un karaoké endiablé dans leur tout dernier clip : Bofou Safou. Réalisée par Louis Vignat, la vidéo suit les aventures d’un jeune africain dilettante dans une discothèque 70’s. Ce Travolta local n’a que deux idées en tête : danser et se saper pour aller en soirée ! Tiré d’une expression bambara (une des langues nationales du Mali), Bofou Safou est en effet le surnom donné à tous ceux qui ont un baobab dans la main et qui préfèrent danser plutôt que travailler. Et il faut bien avouer qu’il est difficile de ne pas onduler du bassin à l’écoute de ce nouveau single d’afro-beat."
Inrock 02 mai 2017 à 17:00

GQ STYLE china I

Shot by Mei Yuan Gui

Styled by Dan Cui and Jojo Qian
Make up Artist Theo Schnürer @ Blossom
Hair Stylist Ischrak Nitschke @ Blossom
Models : Max S. @TIAD / Leon D. @TIAD / Robbi G. @TIAD / Wang /Davis Finnlay @ Elite Model
Photo assistant Maria Dominika & Evan Jiang
Styling Assistant Eric Guo
Fashion coordinator Kimono Guan
Produced by Alexis Delanoue
Production manager Louis Vignat

AD production


A poetic visualization of a city's manifesto by Nehemias Colindres

Director: Nehemias Colindres
DoP: Stephan Fallucchi
Producer: Alexis Delanoue
Editor/VO: Oliver Strumpf
Music: Billy Davis
Colorgrading: Benedikt Hugendubel @Slaughterhouse Berlin
Titles: Shelley Lui
Styling: Antoniya Ivanova
Poem/text: Berlin, Berlin by Nehemias Colindres
Additional photography (protest): Alex Hill
Cast in order of appearance:
Emanuel Alaniz, Verena Dorst, Kenan Budak, Dr. Foster, Ahmad Larnes, Jolan Kieschke, Tristan Kennedy, Tony Galea, Taryn Bunch, Ervin Mariager, Maggie Malou, Joanna Schröder, Kathrin Abels, Maria Torres, Ben Hammond, Vidal Oldoerp, Janos Höner, Solene Wolff, August Skipper, Tom Allen, Sandra Amarie
Special thanks to Matheis Casting, Prince Charles, Betti Berlin, Slaughterhouse - Berlin, Firsteight Berlin


By Alexander Neumann

Alexander Neumann - Photographer
Isabelle Thiry - Fashion Editor/Stylist
Paolo Ferreira - Hair Stylist
Sergio Corvacho - Makeup Artist
Elodie Yelmani - Casting Director
Steffy Argelich - Model
Alexis Delanoue - Producer


by Nick & Chloé

Styling - Theophile Hermand
Casting - Alexis Delanoue
Production - Fred Espinasse


By Charles Guo

Produced by Alexis Delanoue
Thanks to Atilla Fidan, and Lars Wolfgang.


By Nick & Chloe


By Nehemias Colindres

Director: Nehemias Colindres
DoP: Stephan Fallucchi
Producer: Alexis Delanoue

Associate producer: Solène Wolff; Production Design: Steffi Fuge
Editor: Thilo Both; Score: Lars Deutsch; Sound Design: Vincent Lagadrilliere; Voice Over: Sandhya Daemgeni; Text/poem: Nehemias Colindres; Color Grading: Marcus Badow; Additional Photography (wedding): Benjamin F. Wieg

Cast in order of appearance:; Betty-Despoina Athanasiadou; Heather Williams ; Taryn Bunch; Melodie Mae Retzlaff; Joachim Retzlaff; Jean Sebastien Bubka; Jesus (Dog); Amelie Jolanda; Benjamin Fischer; Daniel Sankarsingh; Sandhya Daemgeni; Ophelia Gassmann; August Skipper; Julian Steenken; Philipp Stachow; Ervin Mariager; Ramzi Dziri and Family, Lea konig hansen

Special thanks to: Soup Films, Betti Berlin, Spreeboote and Lichtkind (Christina Oette)



Photography & Concept – Louis Vignat & Atilla Fidan
Hair & Make-up – Felix Stößer / nude.
Styling – Théophile Hermand
Model – Natalia Bieganska / Viva models
Produced by Alexis Delanoue


3Kids 1Room

Music : Mes/Moon
Video : Atilla & Louis
Producer : Alexis Delanoue
Model : Johanna Schauerte


Directed by Nehemias Colindres

Part of Canon's Come and See campaign. A portrait of Berlin revealing wildly diverse sides of the city, the characters that inhabit and how they intertwine over 24 hours.


Shot by Kira Bunse - Film by Louis Vignat

Styled by Anna Shiffel
Make up and Hair by Abra Kennedy & Christian Fritzenwanker


by Louis Vignat